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Neighborhood Safety Tips


Have you seen these yard signs around the neighborhood? Meadowood Neighborhood Association will have signs available for distribution in early June!

Signs are available at no cost to Meadowood residents.
MNA would appreciate a donation of $5.00 per sign, if you’re able.


you don't say...

Here are some quick reminders to keep you and your belongings safe: 


  • WALLET & KEYS: Store your valuables somewhere other than right inside the door

  • GAS PUMP: Always lock your car...even when standing nearby at the gas pump

  • PARKED CAR: Keep all possessions in your vehicle out of sight when parking on the street, driveway, or parking lot

  • GARAGE: Close your garage door when not outside...less than a minute is ample time for a crime of opportunity

  • LIGHTS: Turn your porch light on at night

  • MINGLE: Introduce yourself to a neighbor- it’s easier to look out for one another when you know one another

did you know?

If you have outdoor home security cameras, you can register them with the Madison Police Department. This does NOT mean that MPD has access to your camera live feed or stored footage. It does mean that MPD has a map of homes with outdoor cameras. You may be contacted if a crime happens near you to see if your cameras recorded any of the activity.

Southwest Madison Action Coalition

Southwest Madison Action Coalition (SMAC) works to build a thriving community on the southwest side of Madison by advocating for the community, building on current assets, connecting our community with resources, and by developing future potential for our community.

Crime Prevention Materials

The City of Madison Police Department now offers Vacation Watch by offering extra patrol, when available, to your neighborhood during the time when you are gone on vacation. 

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