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Meadowood Health Partnership

The primary mission of the Meadowood Health Partnership (MHP) is to strengthen families, promote literacy, and provide neighborhood-based model health care. The partners include: Meadowridge Library, Today Not Tomorrow, Inc-Project Babies, Meadowood Neighborhood Center, and Neighborhood Connectors. Access Community Health Centers is closely associated with this partnership and they provide technical and medical information assistance. Physicians and health care workers partner with MHP to provide health care support services. After the release of The Race to Equity Report (2013), there was a compelling need for community residents, city agencies, and local non-profits to come together to seek solutions to the disparities outlined in the Report. MHP seeks to fill this void by connecting, engaging, sharing, learning, and serving local residents in the Meadowood community.



Services Offered





Household Supplies

Legal Services

Utility Bills

Public Benefits

Baby Essentials

Prenatal Care/Support

Medical Supplies

Health Services
Free Blood Pressure Checks

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