Fairshare Coalition's Bike the Barns

Hello Meadowood Neighborhood,

I'm a family practice doctor who used to practice at UW Health Meadowood before merging with Odana. I am excited to start fundraising for Fairshare Coalition's Bike the Barns, biking 60 miles on September 15th. This amazing fundraiser brings fresh organic food to those who cannot afford it themselves. 

Last year I raised enough money to ask for a share to go to Good Shepherd's food pantry on Raymond and Whitney, with the help of your neighbor Sheray Wallace. This year I was able to get a commitment from Fairshare Coalition for an even larger food share of $450, so I am reaching out to you to please help your neighbors by going to my fundraising page and donating whatever you can for this cause. fairshare.kindful.com/bike-the-b…/pedalin-for-people.


Thanks much! 


Claire Gervais


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